Remember when flash introduction pages were all the rage? They were ‘cool’ from the web designer‘s standpoint, but utterly annoying and off-putting to the visitor. Fortunately, most people figured out that people visited their site for the content, not the snappy graphics (unless it was a gallery site), and certainly not for the mandatory intro pages.

Yet, some people still haven’t gotten the clue that the 80s called and they want their flash intros back.

xkcd: the seventies called

For those who remember with revulsion, here’s the old SkipIntro parody. The site is long gone, but it would be a shame to let it fade away!


(click the ‘play ball’ to start)

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If you haven’t clicked on it, do it now! Relive the pain of the never-ending flash intro to the sound of weird indian music and gunfire!

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