CRUD: Create, Read, Update, Delete; actions for managing data usually stored in a database.

Data model diagram picture of an EMPLOYEE data...
Data model (credit: Wikipedia)

A system I maintain has a very unusual quirk: when adding a new element (“blub”) to a list of elements (“blubs”), the system crashes with a generic error.

What this tells me is there is an unmet dependency, probably a join to another database table. I suspect the original developer (OD) created all the blubs manually, then later added in CRUD screens to manage them. For some reason OD never tested creating a new blub.

For any list of things, unless they are constants that will never be CRUDded (okay, reading is okay), the app should be able to Create/Update/Delete them without any manual steps.

Why? Because someday, some schlub who maintains your code is going to have to CRUD. And they will be screwed.