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Dead-Tree Resume

“But,” you ask, “How will you know if the candidate has the skills and experience you need?”

Good question. Let’s look at the purpose of an interview.

The Two Questions

An interview must answer two questions:

  1. Can the candidate do the job now and in the future?
  2. Will the candidate be a good fit for the team?

Neither of these questions are answered by the candidate’s resume.

Wait a minute

Unless the candidate worked for a company doing the exact work, for the exact clients you have, their experience will not tell you if they can do the current job at your company.

Put it this way: would it make sense to compare your company to another in a different industry, with different customers and a different product, and then make a judgement about performance based upon that comparison?

Company Industry # Customers # Employees Product
MyCorp Pharmaceutical 3 7 Blue Pills
Acme, Inc Energy 150 70 Batteries
Initech Accounting Software 3,200 1,500 TPS Reports

We will investigate the 2 questions in a future post.